Saturday, December 3, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #18

A group of land speculators aggressively drive cyclists out of a local private park, claiming that they are about to build a factory there. When their deed on the land checks out, the local community rallies around Mr. Tsuruoka, the local bike shop owner, and his son Hiroshi, a longtime friend of Solbrain. The campaign against the land speculators seems to be going well, until Mr. Tsuruoka suddenly drops his support. Tsuruoka has a shocking secret in his past, and it may be something that ruins both him and the community.


But surprisingly, this episode doesn't have any magical psychic girls, talking stuffed animals, or other unthematic elements. This is a rather dramatic episode about the cycle shop owner, Mr. Tsuruoka, who appears in the ending credits and a handful of episodes throughout the series (I believe this is actually his last). He's grown a beard in this episode. Turns out that he has a secret past that led him to open his cycling shop.

I actually really like this episode all things considered. I think that even though it's a low-threat episode, it's a good piece about human beings. The writing was sharp and fun to translate. For a Sagiyama episode it's by far one of her most interesting. Hope you enjoy.

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