Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #22

Winspector's Ryoma Kagawa, Walter, and Bikel have shown up in Tokyo! However, Ryoma's actions are baffling: he indiscriminately attacks individuals including a child while claiming to be on a top secret mission. And even the ICPO in Paris, the organization that governs Winspector's international activities, claims to have no knowledge of Ryoma's presence in Japan. When Bikel becomes worried and contacts Commander Masaki, the awful truth will begin to unravel!

There is a scene in here that takes place in a house with a bound and gagged couple that is a mashup of two scenes from Terminator 2: the one where the T-1000 is disguised as a man's wife and stabs him through the mouth, and the scene where Sarah repairs the T-800 in a garage. Appropriate given the gimmick in this episode. However, the Terminator comparisons end there: the story takes its own route afterwards. There is a disappointing quantity of stock footage in this episode. You will notice some scenes of the Winspector team saving people from Winspector (remember that scene of Bikel lifting the people up from Winspector Episode 1?), and some of the Solbrain team from Solbrain Episode 1. That being said, it's actually a very fun episode, and seeing Ryoma Suit Up again (even though he's not in his badass Camaro) was really satisfying.

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