Friday, December 23, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #28

Episode 28: Hurry! Lifesaving Mothership

The SS-1 is hijacked by a desperate criminal during his getaway. When he takes a hostage, only Daiki and Reiko are left on board, forced to fly him to Hong Kong. But when an attempt to subdue the criminal goes awry, the hostage is injured and the SS-1 damaged in the chaos. Barely able to fly and with the hostage dying, this could be a mission that no one returns alive from.


Main writer Sugimura writes this intense episode about the mothership SS-1 being hijacked. They use the "rare blood type" story element once again as they've done already once in this series, and once in Winspector, but you know what -- it works. Also like Winspector, once again, we get an amazing scene of the main hero doing a Standing Death of Benkei scene, where Daiki pushes himself so hard that he ends up unconscious while standing, which in Japanese culture is one of those story tropes that is heroic beyond heroic: where you're so devoted to your mission that you will die before you will fall down.

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  1. The subs from 11:49-11:54 are absent, only appearing for a split second before 11:55.