Saturday, December 17, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #25

An atmospheric compression device, capable of immense destruction is stolen by a criminal. Threatening the destruction of an oil refinery in distant Iwate Prefecture, the only hope to reach it in time is to have the professor that built the device accompany the Solbrain team aboard the SS-1. But when bombings begin to occur, will the team make it in time to stop the oil refinery from going up? Daiki makes a risky gambit that could very well lead to his own death!

Notes: Main writer Sugimura wrote this episode. When I'm translating and localizing, I can tell you that the best episodes to translate are always Sugimura or Ogizawa episodes. They love technical jargon, checklists, and other things that really make the show feel like a police show. So whenever I see one of their episodes, I know it's going to be a joy to write for, and this is no exception.

I really feel like you are going to like this episode. Sugimura writes a perfect mystery here with a ticking clock element, and Daiki's gambit is nothing short of inspired. This episode is the perfect heroic counterbalance to the previous Takaku episode which showed him threatening people who were of no real threat to him with the GigaStreamer one episode after Ryoma gave him the GigaStreamer for refusing to use it when he had the chance. This episode will make you forget the bird episode, and will actually make the SS-1 cool again.

You know, I think if they had an hour to do a Rescue Police episodes, I really think they could do some amazing crime storylines. When I see things like recent shows such as Arrow or even older shows like 24, it's obvious that having time to set up a crime can be a really effective storytelling technique. Ah well. Maybe if we buy enough Winspector Figuarts they'll think about doing that Winspector Prime Amazon Streaming series I had a dream about, where Ryoma is the Commander and there are cameos by Masaki and Daiki and the others. I can dream, can't I?

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  1. Wow dude you are really awesome. I know I have said this some times now but when I see how many episodes you released the last days, I have to repeat it again!