Monday, January 2, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #30

A pair of bumbling thieves attempt to steal something valuable from a technology research company, ending up with one of them thrown into a chamber and suddenly encased in a suit with the kanji for "GOD"on it. Imbued with unbelievable super strength, it turns out that the suit is a technology very similar to the Solid Suit technology. Designed for deep sea work, the suit is running out of air. If Solbrain doesn't find the hapless criminal, who's suddenly become a force for good, in four hours, he'll suffocate. But a strange cult has been looking for this chance for quite some time, and they're not ready to let their new God go!

It me.
I make no attempt to hide the fact that I think that Nobuo Ogizawa is the best writer in Rescue Police. His stories are always amazing, and you're about to get two Nobuo Ogizawa episodes in a row. Remember what I said about his episodes having a completely ridiculous premise, and then being an amazing and touching piece about the human experience? This is one of those episodes. A pair of goofy crooks get their hands on a piece of technology -- one crook played by Inspector Rokkaku's actor from Winspector -- and suddenly the one who's been a loser all his life suddenly finds himself with the ability to help other people and get rewarded for it.

"GOD" on the chest is the kanji for "KAMI" as in Kamikura Industries, the name of the company that developed the suit. Of course, it also means GOD, which is why everyone assumes him to be the Almighty.

The Happy Come Come Cult in this episode is a mishmash of various New Religious Movements in Japan. At this point in time, it was probably a mixture of Happy Science and AUM Shinrikyo, the latter of which became infamous for the Shinjuku subway attacks many years later.

I think this episode is amazing. I hope you enjoy it,

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