Thursday, January 12, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #45

Daiki heads to the mountains to persuade a girl to testify in a police murder case. But the killer follows him and attempts to silence the witness. Fleeing without the SolGallop and unable to Plus Up, Daiki, the girl, and her caregiver are on the run in the wilderness. A terrible secret awaits -- and the killer is on their trail.

Yasuyuki Suzuki makes a better offering this time than his previous episode, but ultimately it's still a mostly forgettable episode. It's got some nice camerawork and it's filmed on that bridge in the national park where almost every tokusatsu show has filmed some episodes. You will certainly remember it from Winspector, and in the Gavan movie where Retsu and Geki fought.

Hey, a Dragonball Z gashapon!

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