Sunday, January 15, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #51

An upgraded Braver suit is mass produced, scheduled to be distributed to police departments in all the major cities of Japan. At the same time, Solbrain will be disbanded and reformed as a national organization under the National Police Organization, the body that oversees all police activity within Japan. Since the Solbrain team is experienced in the use of the Solid Suits, they are assigned to oversee the usage of the suits nationwide -- which means splitting them up to cover the whole country. As each team member reminisces about their time with Solbrain, Takaoka prepares to unleash his final attack and wipe out Solbrain once and for all, before they can escape his wrath!

The beginning of the three part finale to Solbrain. This, like the end of Winspector, is mostly a clip show that reminisces the major moments for each character. It's very well written and has a realistic portrayal of each character's reaction to being split up. Insert songs are played over each character's scenes. This three parter features a twisted scheme by Takaoka and Solbrain's efforts to stop him before they split up. It's good, so enjoy!

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