Monday, January 16, 2017


Having had his first attempt at destroying Solbrain foiled, Ryuichi Takaoka instead turns his attention to Kazuya, attempting to instill in him the poison of rage. Solbrain is led into a deadly trap -- and this time only Solbrain or Takaoka will escape alive. Why does Ryuichi Takaoka persist in his hatred after so many years? Commander Masaki takes flight with the crew of the SS-1. The final mission for Solbrain is here!

So many finals here. Solbrain's final mission. The final appearance (other than flashbacks) of Ryoma, Daiki, Reiko, Jun, Dozer, and Kamekichi. The final challenge for Takaoka. This is a great episode, though I did find it amusing that in retrospect, it only took a floppy disk to keep Takaoka enraged. His final scene is particularly amazing. Doesn't it seem like there are some people who, for them, anger is all they have, their only reason to live?

So, that's it. That's the end of Super Rescue Solbrain. I certainly hope that you've enjoyed watching this series as much as I've enjoyed presenting it to you. Expect a batch soon.

Once again, I'd like to thank Ignis from Over-Time for assistance in getting these hosted, and all of you for supporting and encouraging me. Big shout-outs to Megabeast Empire for their work on Juspion, and Millionfold Curiosity for their work on Gavan -- Metal Heroes are getting finished! Also, though technically not a Metal Hero series, Big Nova Subs for Byclosser!

Final words... hang on to love, because tomorrow will always belong to you! I'm Sailor Otaku, the Weeaboo Shogun, signing off for now. At least until Exceedraft...

Wait, Kindergarten bus of WHAT?
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  1. Wow man, another dream coming true! I can't believe I get to watch another rescue series. Thanks so much deeply. You're the man! Keep working like that, you'r subs are the best!

  2. ...and that makes 4 completed Metal Hero Series, HOORAH!!!

  3. And thus Pt. 2 of the Rescue Heroes are done. Amazing to hear that it's done. Though from what I've heard about Exceedraft...well OK, Miyashita's work is rather tough to define so it may be good. (I really don't like Blue SWAT but currently watching and loving Hurricaneger...)

  4. Sailor Otaku, you are the man. You subbed whole shows totally alone. Wow. The last months were just stunning. You released one sub after another. Congratulations man for this great work.

  5. I hope to see more metal heroes soon. I love to see b-fighters

  6. Oh, man! Thank you so much for this release.
    Here (Brazil) we have the dubbed version, but now we can watch the show with original audio, because you've make this possible. Hugs for you!