Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #34

Buckle up, because this is the one you've been waiting for!
Solbrain is called to Kyushu to assist with a major explosion at an industrial plant. At the same time, the son of the plant's director is kidnapped. Once the fire is contained, Solbrain begins to investigate, only to have Jun attacked by an incredibly powerful man who delivers a ransom note. Taunted by a mysterious mastermind, Solbrain finds themselves in over their head. Kyushu could be their last mission, unless... wait... who's that man in in the red armor?!

Part I of a two part turning point in the series!

So much going on in this episode, so let's get into it! Much like Winspector's trip to Shikoku, the scenes in Kyushu (mainland Japan's westernmost island) are indeed filmed on location. Mitsui Greenland and Ricoland are real places that still exist today. The tower where the mysterious man in white (whom you will soon become very acquainted with) can still be seen today.

Bomber Honma is an actual real life performer who goes by the stage name Brutus. Usually a comedian, this role was a bit different for him. He also made guest appearances in Turboranger and Poitrine around the same time.

I know that JAKQ came up with the idea of an "additional hero" that shows up later, but 1992 was the year of "new heroes" showing up. It worked so well with Burai in Zyuranger that I think Solbrain just had to try it, and man, did it work out great.

I was actually reminded of the introduction of the White Ranger on MMPR, with Zordon acting shady working on a project (just liked Commander Masaki) until it's finally revealed they were recruiting a new-old hero.

Also, that guy in white? Pay attention to him. He's your last boss. Yes, Solbrain has a last boss!


  1. Solbrain aired before Zyuranger though, so how could Burai's appearance influence the return of Ryouma?

    1. You're right. Maybe it was the other way around -- Solbrain's "extra hero" influenced Zyu to try it as a plot point.

    2. That's possible. There had been extra heroes in Sentai before Zyu, but Zyu was the show where it became a regular feature. How popular was Knight Fire, anyway?