Saturday, January 14, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #49

A boy and a girl keep ditching school and showing up at Solbrain HQ. One day, they stop showing up. A short time later, the girl seeks out Solbrain for help: somehow, the boy has attended a cram school that uses hypnosis to enforce rules and morals and become a serious kid overnight! Soon after, every kid in the school is attending the cram school, and becoming serious. A sinister force is working behind the scenes, and it's up to Dozer to stop it.

This episode was, I believe, written by Haruko Asatsuke, a writer and producer of such films as A Farewell to the Land, The 19 Year Old's Map, and The Youth Killer. Unfortunately, it's not a great episode, and I suspect that there were some changes made to the final script. What's with that scene with Dozer looking off into the playground while melancholy music plays as if remembering kids who died? I have this feeling that one or both of the kids was supposed to die, but they couldn't get that to happen. There's also the matter that the machine was blown up, so we have no idea if Yoshihiko ever got made normal again.

There's a joke in here I localized. When Mariko enters Solbrain at one point, the team says, "Mata?" as in "Again?" -- her response is, "Minna matta?", a play on words that means, "You were all waiting for me?"

The song that's sung over and over is a playground verse that really has no defined origin, but in Japan, Genghis Khan is a grilled lamb meat dish popular in Japan's far north, so named because the Mongols are thought to have favored lamb. The song's tune is taken from the German group Dschingas Khan (the same group that the Moskau meme from about 10 years ago came from) in a song called, appropriately, Genghis Khan.

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