Saturday, January 14, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #47

Jun accidentally makes an enemy of a goofy pair of fortune tellers, and one of them promises revenge on Solbrain. When they try to stage a prank on Solbrain, it backfires on them, and they find themselves involved in a crisis. Can Solbrain prevent this unforeseen tragedy before it claims their lives?

Nobuo Ogizawa's last episode of the series, and it's very entertaining. They practically ship Jun with the fortune teller, to the point that he even calls Shohei "little brother" in one scene. And that scene where she tells him he'll never get a girlfriend -- can you ship them any harder? 

The police work is clever, and the episode is genuinely very funny, particularly her "daydream" about getting revenge on Solbrain. Shohei is played by Yellow Turbo from Turboranger appearing again in Rescue Police, by the way. You'll notice that at the end, she's offering a discount that's actually 50 yen higher than her previous discount price. Ryoma unfortunately shows up without a word at the end, however to save the day after Dozer is useless. That's unfortunate.

The end narration you may be curious about -- the episode ends with a tanka, which is a form of Japanese poetry. I wrote a short haiku that conveyed the meaning. A tanka, I found, would have had too many syllables (jiamari) to say what needed to be said. Enjoy a fun episode.


  1. If it's Yellow Racer she'd be from Carranger, rather than Turboranger, no? ;)

    1. You're right. Thank you. I corrected it. Though it's funny, I'm reminded in Gokaiger of how even they made that mistake (as a joke) and Red Racer got angry. "NOT THAT ONE."