Monday, January 9, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #42

A politician promises that if re-elected that he will redesign Solbrain as a private army to aid in the defense of Japan. But his campaign is fraught with peril, suffering attacks and accidents at every turn. His campaign manager turns out to be one of Masaki's old college friends -- but his motive for serving as campaign manager is beyond anything Masaki could have imagined.

I don't care for this episode. I find the dialogue vague and unconvincing. If you're confused, the implication here is that Ken Nakata came up with the bomb idea, but Toyama came up with the idea for the injured girl, and Ken Nakata didn't sign off on it. That's why he didn't want to use it in the campaign. I suppose it's to cement the fact that Toyama is unscrupulous even beyond trying to dismantle Solbrain and reform it as a private army in a subversion of the wording of the Constitution of Japan.

It's cool to see Masaki doing something exciting but I wished for a little more information in this episode. I think they could have done a better storyline if it had been a two parter with a little more setup than suddenly throwing people into it. Yasuyuki Suzuki, who wrote Code Veronica, co-writes this rather forgettable entry with Junichi Miyashita. Ryoma shows up at the end as a "oh yeah he's here too" and proceeds to use the Pile Tornado to make Dozer, who up until now, used his Extinguisher Beam to help, even more useless and forgotten.

But take heart, because the next episode, 43, is one of the most twisted episodes I can remember of any tokusatsu series. Takaoka's scheme is absolutely twisted. You'll love it.

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