Saturday, January 7, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #38

A rash of suicides of young women with no explanation, followed by bizarre, unsettling supernatural-like events. Solbrain investigates, only to discover a terrifying connection: everything seems connected to a portrait of a notorious female Nazi SS concentration camp officer from the 1940s that has been brought into Japan.

This episode features depictions of Nazis, Nazi symbols, World War II footage, and related themes. If these are illegal in your country or if it is a sensitive subject for you, please be advised.

Quality children's entertainment circa 1991.
This episode is pretty far from the typical science theme of Winspector and Solbrain, but I do like that they never fully explain exactly what the portrait is or does. We are left to believe that it may be an evil spirit, but Masaki doesn't seem fully convinced of it. But he helps to battle Satan in Exceedraft (peripherally) so at the very least maybe he has some sort of belief.

I ain't 'fraid 'o no ghosts.
This is a Susumu Takaku episode, and it has no birds, but it does have weird stuff in it. That being said, the writing and the mystery leading up to the final confrontation are so interesting that I really find it hard to hate it. I do feel that the "painting houses an evil spirit" idea was partially cribbed from Ghostbusters II, which was out a few years before this, but it could just be a coincidence. I'm sure opinions will vary on this episode, but it's so shocking that there is something worth watching about it. Some great cinematography in this one too, lots of roof and tracking shots.

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  1. I laughed my ass off about the "quality children's entertainment" XD