Sunday, January 15, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #52

The sinister Ryuichi Takaoka attempts to destroy Solbrain only months before their scheduled disbandment. By somehow recreating a murder that occurred 20 years ago, Takaoka attempts to infuse the poison of distrust and hatred in those still affected by the crime decades later. This time, it could lead to the destruction of Solbrain's HQ, unless the team can prevent it! Time is ticking away, Solbrain!

Takaoka's plan is vile beyond belief: to destroy a family by sowing mistrust within them. This is a great episode. I wish that Rescue Police would come back and have hour long episodes to fully set up a crime -- I think these multi part episodes do a great job of allowing for more complex schemes like Takaoka, and that guy, like Moriarty, is always thinking one step ahead.

Next episode is the series finale. One more before we have to bid a final farewell to Daiki, Ryoma, and the others.


  1. WIll you sub Exceedraft? I personally prefer it over Winspector and Solbrain

    1. Yes, I've actually already started, but I'm moving so it's going to take some time.