Thursday, January 12, 2017

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #46

A boy named Tohru witnesses a thief breaking into his grandfather's science lab to steal an invention, but breaks it in the process -- an invention that Tohru had previously used on himself. Now, Tohru appears to have a perfect memory! When the Solbrain team close in on the thief, they discover something surprising: this thief has no scientific knowledge. Someone's behind this crime, and it's up to Solbrain to find out who before they return to finish the job!

Head writer Sugimura writes this episode, and finally -- someone knows what to do with Ryoma other than have him show up to save the day. Ryoma is in this episode from start to finish and helps quite a bit with the investigation. I have the feeling Sugimura told his writers, "Put Ryoma in," but nobody knew what to have him do, so he shows up and is actually in this episode from the beginning. This episode actually has a brief comedy subplot of Jun trying to remember the combination to his locker. I like stuff like that. I think that comfy scenes like Solbrain in their off time is enjoyable and brings interesting characterization to the cast. But maybe that's because I'm an adult. A kid wouldn't care about them drinking coffee or cutting up or gently teasing Jun for his forgetfulness. A pretty good episode.


  1. Do you guys have a show lined up after Solbrain?

    1. I'm planning to do Special Rescue Exceedraft, the third Rescue Police show.