Sunday, January 21, 2018

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Exceedraft #02

Jason trying to kill you with the Bothwinder.
The fledgling Exceedraft team is not without its share of trials. Thrown into the mix together, Kosaku and Ken don’t see eye to eye. Hayato goes off on a dangerous escort mission without them while they attempt to get along. But when Hayato and Ai’s younger brother Masaru are trapped by a dangerous and deranged criminal, Kosaku and Ken have to put aside their quarreling to save the Captain and work as a team before Tokyo goes up in flames! The clock is ticking!

I liked that the team isn't automatically best buds in this episode, but something felt off about it. Kosaku and Ken seemed to sort of get along OK in the last episode, but now they outright are hostile to one another. Luckily, the team building aspect gets hit and things work better. But something still felt off about this episode, like I'd seen the exact same thing before in several other episodes. I think they did an episode about transporting a future fuel in Winspector, and an episode about an atmospheric pressure device in Solbrain with the same squishing effect, and I'm sure they did the "little brother gets into danger" subplot. Overall, the episode felt pieced together from other shows, and they even have the bad guy using a repainted Bothwinder from Solbrain to prove it. A filler episode that leads in to the first story arc next time, but still one that's worth watching.

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