Friday, February 2, 2018

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Exceedraft #03

Episode 03
Shadow of the Red Spade

A group of criminals hold a department store hostage under the threat of bombs. Their demand: release a prisoner held in Musashino Prison. But the prisoner in question doesn’t seem to know who’s trying to bust him out of prison, and becomes noticeably afraid about it. With time ticking down, the team shifts into high gear to prevent a tragedy, and the pasts of both Commander Katsuragi and Hayato are revealed. The beginning of Exceedraft’s first story arc, the Red Spade arc.

Notes: This is a really good episode. We get into the core of the team -- doing rescues and high risk assignments, with some really nice fire effects and camera angles. Some of the plot elements, I suppose, are re-used from previous rescue police shows. I can remember the department store hijacking used once in that Kyoko Sagiyama episode about the ghost grandpa, but the backstory and the start of a story arc are new. Ultimately, a really good episode with great rescue action, emotional content, and really engaging dialogue that was a lot of fun to translate. It also sets up for a story arc, something that only Solbrain really did at the end with the Takaoka story arc.

I should also mention that today, February 2, is the 26th anniversary of Exceedraft's premiere in Japan. It's also the day that Goro Asuka was murdered in The Magnificent Zubat...

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