Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Exceedraft #07

Episode 07
"Wanted: Hayato!"

When information concerning Red Spade’s presence in Japan comes from Interpol, Commander Katsuragi and Hayato launch into a plan to bring them down. But during a hostage crisis during a bank robbery, Hayato unexpectedly guns down a suspect that’s already surrendered, and then, escapes from police custody! Has the Captain of Exceedraft gone rogue, or is this all part of an elaborate scheme? As Hayato flees and his former team pursues him, Hayato’s treachery takes the darkest turn imaginable.

Man, this episode is cool. There's a similarity to that episode of Solbrain where Daiki is put into the nightmare machine to try to control his mind but there's a very big difference in the plots, and the stakes are far more serious. There's a hand to hand fight scene later in the episode which is just choreographed perfectly, with great camera angles. Main writer Junichi Miyashita writes this one, and it's only fitting he should, as is this is part of the major Red Spade story arc. Hope you enjoy this one.

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